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Tornada started with a core belief of wanting to help people improving the lives of unfortunate children. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a young lady name Sarah Allen made a proposal to the founder of Tornada to brand that belief as "Tornada Care" and this is how it has all started.

We are taking steps to build greater community within the Greater Toronto Areas where children in low income areas are in need of our attention and help. Let's face it: children are the future and the pulps of tomorrow! Our dedicated work with your help will not only bring a greater community but a stronger and healthier environment for everyone to live in. There is nothing safer and happier than a caring society.

We are launching our first Xmas drive this year to gather donations of old electronics such as laptops and ipads for these children to use at schools. We are also working on a program where we create a tutoring environment that will help kids with their homework and a safe place to hang out after school.

We are starting with a few members and volunteers and you know what they say. We are stronger as a group of people and more powerful as a society. Having said that, we need your help to participate in this. Imagine the joy and benefits of which you will bring to your community and most importantly you are part of making a big difference.

About Tornada Care


Scholarship Application


We are accepting donations of electronic goods in working condition as well as baked goods to sell in order to raise money to buy working electronics for the GTA schools.

For information about drop off locations for your baked goods or electronics please  contact us .

If you are interested in making a cash donation please click on the 'Donate' button in order to do so.

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Holiday Fundraiser

Come on out to Tornada's Holiday Market Place on December 3rd 2017! There will be baked goods for sale as you enjoy Christmas Trivia and Live Christmas Music performed by Nathan Allen.
*The Location has changed from Moxies to 9050 Dixie Road at Bramalea Baptist Church*
and the event will run from 1:15pm till 2:15pm
All proceeds will be donated to the following schools from Dec 4th-8th :

Cordella Avenue Junior Public School
Driftwood Public School
North Albion Collegiate Institute
Brookview Middle School

If you are interested in donating, volunteering, or if have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Previous Years Photos...Hopefully it brings bigger happiness every year!!!

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