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Data Analytics & Supply Chain Business Services​​

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to some of the world's leading clients with our data and business solutions to resolve extremely complexed challenges in supply chain and business operations.
Our services with insightful data analysis bring on cost savings, eliminate risks exposure and enhance competitiveness structures.
We can help your business to identify areas of weaknesses and provide a cost effective solutions which ultimately lay out road maps to lean path for growth.​
Functional Services: ERP Systems And Analytic Tools
  1. Microsoft Dynamics
    MS Dynamics 365, AX, Exchange, CRM
  2. SAP
    SAP Modules: MM, SD, FI, BW, APO, BI, SCM
  3. JDA
    Retail & Manufacturing
  4. Jet Reports
    Build Insightful Dashboards & KPI Metrics
  5. Tableau
    Build Insightful Dashboards & KPI Metrics
  6. Office 365
    Build Insightful Dashboards & KPI Metrics
  1. Inventory Management
    Manage the assurance of the right inventory while eliminate ones that impact holding costs
  2. Process Management
    Manage the beginning to end supply chain processes that reduce costs for B2B and/or B2C
  3. Insightful Reporting
    Manage the generations of meaningful & insightful reports that deliver effective decisions making
  4. Products Management
    Manage the entire process for assembling promotional and marketing kits

Supply Chain​​

Business Operations

Strategic Cashflow

 We examine entire supply chain process starting from sales forecast accuracy and its effects on purchasing strategies which impact the management of inventory through manufacturing based on scheduling and planning. With the help of data analytics, it uncovers the effectiveness of product life cycle and inventory level management that ultimately will improve margins and deliver substantially positive cash flow metrics.​
 We evaluate the efficiency of resources management starting with how staff members spend their time and determine opportunities where it would make them more effective. We amplify assessments based on understanding the skill depth of each resource to determine performance gaps and find blending strategies which would either through skills training or cross-functional collaboration.​

 We evaluate cost effectiveness in business regardless what types of business operation it would be by applying strategies that enhance positive cash flow optimization which ultimately ensure business operations run smoothly whether it is on a project or daily basis - running cost optimization is key. In manufacturing environment, we examine structure of BOMs and their levels to determine efficiency & inventory management.

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