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Data Analytics & Supply Chain Business Services​​

About Tornada


Tornada was found in 2015 to be a data analytics and business consulting company. In 2017, we have successfully migrated our business into software development area together with additions of other business and services in marketing and products management.
We began with a vision to be a leading company in helping businesses to operate efficiently and effectively globally. We are driven by the core fundamental belief in helping people to bring out their best capabilities and the most innovative insights
Our core belief has embarked with talented resources globally to carry out innovative solutions and action plans that help businesses to gain competitive advantages, achieve tremendous cost savings and desirable growth.
Business Areas That Cater Your Needs
  • Data Analytics

  • Business Improvements

  • Products Launch Management

  • Events Planning Based on Budget Selections

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Management Reporting Dashboards

  • Training & Skills Development

  • Business Metrics Optimizations

  • Supply Demand Planning

Tornada's Ultimate Objectives Are To Achieve
20% TOC
30% Capital
85% Inclined Rate
95% OTD
OPEX reduction
Cost Savings increase
Inventory reduction
Sales increase
We are chosen by our clients simply because their success is the vital lifeblood for Tornada and also because they trust that we genuinely care deeply.


    Purchase Requirements Review & Planning
    Purchase Order Entry
    Vendor Scheduling
    Material Sourcing & Selection
    Commodity Price Negotiation
    Supplier Agreements
    Vendor Card Maintenance
    Item card Maintenance
    Engineering Database Administrator
    Item Card Maintenance
    Bill of Material Maintenance
    Routing Card Maintenance
    ECN Implementation


    Sales & Operations Planning
    Production Planning & Scheduling
    Machinery Operation Planning
    Overhead / Labour Planning
    Forecast Maintenance
    Master Scheduling
    Work Order Release
    MRP Planning Worksheet Review & Action
    Work Order / Schedule Maintenance
    Downtime and Maintenance Planning


    Inventory Management
    Inventory Reporting
    Inventory Forecast
    Inventory Accuracy
    Inventory Risk Analysis
    Excess & Obsolete Inventory Reduction
    Department KPI Reporting
    Supply Chain Data Analysis
    MRP System Data Accuracy
    Department Reporting Tools
    Inventory Transaction Entry
    Scrap Transaction Maintenance
    Production Order Reconciliation & Close


    Design / Development of product & Components
    Planning of Product Specifications and Outlook
    Customer Specifications Management
    Customer Order Specification
    Product Structure Design
    Drawing Maintenance
    ECN Process

Magic In Improving Cash Flow

  • Logistics intelligence requires managing the right inventory

  • Lean requires speed, flow, and the elimination of waste which are done without compromising costs

  • Six sigma requires understanding and reducing variations

  • ​Data Analytics and Business Processes Optimizations which include training and reports implementations will enhance continuity of Control

"The minute you decide to choose Tornada, transformation takes place." -

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