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Data Analytics & Supply Chain Business Services​​

Data & Business Insights

We can help you making sense of your data. Our cut-through expertise in data analytics will bring tremendous values to your business operations bringing you visibility & helping you mitigate risks.
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We cut through the Tornado of noise in Business Information, lead you to Tornada's insights and bring you stability for a profitable tomorrow.

Tornada on DATA

We are now living in world of data revolution that has transformed the way we interact globally, how we utilize data to make sense of things, what data can tell us in business improvements and how data help us migrate into a more advanced era. Every business in the world needs data and thrives on data which this extraordinary change has given births to brand new opportunities everyday. Those opportunities harness visions and extract wonderful inventions from the insightful information that brilliant and ambitious minds have discovered yet there are still much more about data within the world we live in that we still do not fully comprehend.

​Tornada intends to bring our pillars of focus altogether with leading data scientists and developers to deliver what seemingly to be unknown into known variables that organizations can leverage and optimize which ultimately help businesses prosper through the advancements of technology. 

Our mission is to help organizations develop effective decision making based on useful evidence, increase efficiency and productivity by better enhan​cing studies and knowledge in data. It aims to connect global talents to constantly strive on solving complexed and extremely difficult problems that the world of supply chain is currently facing. Making one cautious step at a time, Tornada hopes to bring solutions that break its limitation and renew with a new one every time.

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Tornada Care: Upcoming Events

Tornada Care is an initiative that has started within the company with the purpose of helping the communities in the GTA. We strive to identify the needs of individuals, schools, and larger communities that otherwise go unnoticed and aim to make a lasting difference. We create Holidays' Market Place in order to raise money to implement working computers and technology in schools that do not have enough equipment in working condition for their students to study effectively. 
We also have a Scholarship opportunity running up until August 1st 2018 for high school students that meet the required criteria. Click here to read more about the Scholarship opportunity. The application form can be found under the 'Download Application' button on Tornada Care page.

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